turmeric for skin careTurmeric has always been used as one of the best ways to keep skin sensitive. If you want your skin to glow then turmeric is the choice for you. It can do wonders. There are plenty of ways to use turmeric. You can make a paste by mixing about a cup of refrigerated yogurt with half teaspoon of turmeric and sandalwood powder along with a teaspoon of sugar. Combining these in a bowl and stirring them gently will create a paste that you can apply on your skin.

Turmeric is mainly used as a skin brightener. Also, for tanned skins it’s the best way to lighten the complexion of the skin. There are some measures that should be taken while using turmeric as it can leave a stain if it gets on your clothes. Besides, there are lots of other ways to use turmeric in order to maintain a light and bright skin. Using the face mask before going to sleep every night will be most effective; try not to go out in the sun immediately after treating your skin with it.