Most of what we eat is synthesized or junk. The first kind alters the chemical composition of the food and renders it toxicity. The later contains quite many toxic components. Overall, these travel to the colon area and attach itself as a sheet of tar. The toxin also gets attached to the vital body organs.

A detox cleanse diet contains electrolytes and antioxidants. They also use a variety of beneficial bacteria. These help in flushing the toxins out of the body system. Most of these toxins are broken down so that they can be assimilated in the blood stream and excreted.

A detox cleanse diet also cleanses the liver, kidney and blood. These can be colon cleansers like cayenne paper, senna, rhizome ginger, garlic bulb and unprocessed fruit juices. These can also be various Chinese herbs or even acai berry or noni berry supplement.

A detox boosts the metabolism against all kinds of diseases and this is why it becomes so important.