Very few people drink enough alcohol in a short period of time to die. They usually vomit or pass out before they do. But many die slowly from too much alcohol over a long period of time. Some people cannot control the amount they drink. They are addicted to alcohol. When alcohol takes over and controls the lives of addicted persons it is called alcoholism. The addicted person is called an alcoholic and the disease, alcoholism disease .

There are three stages of alcoholism. Sometimes these stages happen when the person is a teenager or young adult. So the person knows right away that he or she is an alcoholic. Other times, it takes many years for a person to learn that he or she can’t drink alcohol. Some alcoholics never admit they have a problem. Their drinking keeps causing trouble for them and their families. Drug problems complicate their dependency on alcohol.

The first stage of alcoholism is the warning stage. People in this stage often drink too much alcohol until they are drunk. They cannot remember what happened while they were drinking. They begin to think the only fun in life is drinking alcohol. They do not go to parties to meet people or be with friends. They go so they can drink alcohol.

The crucial stage comes next. People in this stage cannot drink just one drink. They keep drinking until they are drunk. Alcohol is beginning to control their lives even though they may not think so. Alcohol health is maintained by the very alcohol they consume.

When they are not drinking, people in the crucial stage seem to be able to carry out their work. If they are students, they may even be getting good grades. Housewives go on taking care of their families. Workers go to their jobs each day. It doesn’t seem like alcohol is a problem in their lives, so they keep on drinking. This stage is complicated by the effects of alcohol advertising. Finally they reach the last stage of alcoholism.

The chronic stage is the third and final stage of alcoholism. Alcoholics in this stage can no longer live normal lives. Workers lose their jobs. Students drop out of high school or college. They may be drunk for many days at a time. Nothing in life is important to them except alcohol.

Addiction to alcohol causes changes in the victim’s body. The alcoholic no longer gets hungry for food. Alcohol is the only “food” they desire. Without alcohol they may see things that really are not there-called “hallucinations.” They may shake and not be able to stop the shaking. They need help. They are very sick.