You need some fat. The right fats are necessary and even essential for the structure and function of every cell in the human body. Fats are “fuels” and provide you with twice as much energy as any other food. Fat deposits in the body also serve as banks in which to store energy. fats are an insulating material, which protect you from undue cold. They also cover the nerves of the body. The right kind of so-called HDL fat can actually help remove unwanted, harmful cholesterol from arteries. Vitamins A,D,E and K are fat-soluble and stored in the fatty tissues, So a certain amount of body fat has its function.

The relation of dietary fats to health, then, is a matter of how much fat you eat, and what kind. Undesirable fats are the oily or greasy materials found in abundance in meats, animal and dairy products, including eggs, cheese, milk, and lard. Nuts and seeds also contain fat – the good kind. Cholesterol is one type of fat which needs careful regulation in the body. Cholesterol is found in animal, but not in vegetable fat.Most fat you eat daily is invisible, because it is added in baking and frying.