This is the condition where a disorder occurs in the airways. The symptoms are recurring and include airflow impediment, bronchial hyper responsiveness and an underlying inflammation. The interaction of these factors determines the extent and impact together with how the asthma manifests.

In some individuals chest the inflammation causes chest tightness and breathing problems are experienced especially at night or in the morning. Others only experience the symptoms only during exercise. However hyper responsiveness arises from specifics triggers.

These triggers may include: tobacco smoke, infections such as cold, pneumonia and flu, exercise air pollution, drugs, stress etc. And the symptoms include: shortness of breath wheezing, excessive coughing or cough that keeps one awake at night and the ones mentioned above.

One should be careful as this kind of asthma proceeds in a wavy manner. I.e. there are times when one does not feel any discomfort and others he/she might feel hence anti-flamatory treatment should be administered as a preventive remission.