‘Reflux esophagitis’ or acid reflux is the problem that stomach faces. It is when the people do not have any love for the prime digestive organ. The habit of having nothing the whole day for continuous days has harmful effects. The stomach feels shrunk.
Some people have love for hot food and drinks and goes about them at a rapid pace. There are additive problems because of that.

Having liters and liters of water has a remedial effect, as does garlic and cold milk. But if a person needs to get corrected through medicinal stream, he has great recourse too.
Esomeprazol is a great constituent of the medicines needed to take when countering ulcer. The way it blocks acid formation is not a very uncommon knowledge.

Another strong dose is of zantac that drives ulcer away. The chemical formula is used in many pills.

Even in homeopathy, there are cures for the acid reflux.