Also known as heartburn, Acid Reflux is the name of a disease in which a chemical reaction gets imbalanced in esophagus instead of the stomach. Often Acid Reflux is triggered by eating food items like citrus fruits, spicy foods and chocolates. Besides eating the right food there are other ways to manage an Acid Reflux.

Eating small but frequent meals helps managing Acid Reflux. Try not to eat heavy means especially before bedtime when you are suffering from Acid Reflux.

Try to observe the way your body reacts on eating different types of food items and then eliminate the food that triggers your Acid Reflux.

Eating food like pasta, rice and bread, which are rich in complex carbohydrates helps soothing the excessive acid that is present in the stomach.

Don’t eat in a hurry; instead chew your food properly to get the maximum nourishment out of it to help relieve your stomach from Acid Reflux.