The most common yet misunderstood symptom of the body would have to be headaches. They can be triggered by a number of conditions be it psychological, pain from a certain region of the body or caused by hormones. When someone experiences a headache, different or specific areas of the head can be affected and that includes various nerves that extend across the head surface. The pain is mostly associated with the cranial nerve. Therefore, even if your head is in pain, it does not necessarily mean your brain is in pain.

Chemical activity

Primary headache does not mean that you have a disease. Sometimes, it is caused by the changes in the body’s chemical activities. It could also be caused by blood vessels or the nerves on your head or neck area. The conditions could be a combination of symptoms. To some people, they may have inherent susceptibility to experience headaches more often.

Common headache conditions

  • Tension headache- it is a mild kind of headache wherein the person most of the time feels that the head is being constructed by a tight band. It seems like the muscle contractions are causing the pain and thus it is called tension headache but doctors have analyzed that it is not really the case.
  • Cluster headache- this kind of headache occurs in cycles. This is a very painful form of headache and it has the capacity to wake you up from your sleep. This kind of headache happens every now and then. In some cases, the patient does not experience any symptoms for a few months or even a few years. This condition, even if severe, is not life threatening.
  • Migraine is another condition and it is normally a pulsating and throbbing kind of pain that can cause noxiousness, light and sound sensitivity and vomiting.

Mitigating headaches

There are numerous ways to minimize the pain is to use either OTC or prescription medications. Rest and meditation can be used to minimize the pain as well. Minimizing stress levels can also help in minimizing the pain. By addressing these conditions, the pain can be alleviated.