Simple tummy aches can mean serious situations. Bad food preparation, bad home tending and contaminated food can ultimately lead to a serious condition popularly known as gastroenteritis. What makes it unique? Why is it a serious matter? Let us identify the conditions that make this illness a big health risks especially for children.


The most common reason why viral gastroenteritis is so hard to identify is that the symptoms are similar to a common tummy ache but with some unique features such as noxiousness and vomiting as well as low grade fever. Depending on the cause of the infection, the disease can start showing signs 3 days after. The signs can also last normally for 2 days but it could persist for more than a week. The biggest drawback of gastroenteritis would have to be maintaining the eater levels and electrolytes in the body. This causes mild to severe dehydration that could be life threatening.


The most common cause of getting infected by the virus causing gastroenteritis is if you drink or eat contaminated water or food or most commonly for kids, if they put foreign objects in their mouths. It is a contagious disease that can be shared by drinking on the same glass or bottle or using the same utensils. The viruses that are actively causing this particular disease are rota viruses and noroviruses. The first one is more prominent to children since adults do not show signs of infection most of the time but could still spread the disease. Noroviruses on the other hand are more common to a massive population and can affect families and communities immediately.


Sadly, there are no straightforward cures for these viruses that cause gastroenteritis. The fact is that antibiotics are not doing anything to stop the virus and could possibly be risky since bacteria can develop resistance and become ineffective. It is possible to implement self care measures to prevent this disease from occurring or at the very least, from spreading into the family and the community. Some of the tips include eating softer foods to let the tummy settle, drinking fizzy drinks and electrolytes, rest as well as avoidance of irritants like alcohol and dairy.