Comment on Ulcer Pain – fast relief, lasting relief, pain preventers by Constance wambo.

Ulcer Pain - fast relief, lasting relief, pain preventersI have 9 ulcers in stomach and under breast.i had endoscopy with several samples removed. I was given protonic and carAfate. Ands phenerergan and about 12 strong pain med. In the beginning I thought protonic was the best but it it getting worse.i have severe pain every am midday and night.blood nausea pain is feels like I’m giving birth though my chest. I have to go back in one week for colonoscopy and endoscopy.i have taken meds as directed. When I eat or drink water it makes me double over in pain.i had red color in underwear. awful gas, dizziness,headache and weak.history of cancer in stomach and colon.To be honest I would rather give birth,atleast the pain only last about 12 hours not 24_7.