After you have undergone a tubal surgery to prevent you from getting pregnant and now you have changed your mind or you are now ready to have children that when you get a tubal reversal surgery. Tubal ligation simple blocks your fallopian tube and prevents any sperms from passing through and reaching the ovaries which may result to you getting pregnant. This method of sterilization was considered permanent but that not the deal anymore.

What tubal reversal surgery does is to reconnect those entire fallopian tube segments. This is a very complicated microsurgical technique that opens you fallopian tube and you can have the chance of having children again. The procedure that opens your fallopian tube is referred to as Microsurgical Reanastomosis.

A stent is then threaded through your inner uterine cavity. The stent used is narrow and flexible. This keeps the fallopian tube open. This is a safe and successful surgical to undergo and has few complications.