People with very sensitive nose get at the wrong side of allergies. The dust, pollens, feathers; they all have an effect on people with such noses. Rhinitis is a problem that causes great distress.

The eyes get red, the face gets swollen. The problem persists because the allergens are normally present everywhere. Rhinitis takes off peace from one’s life and the sleep, food habits and other small things are affected.

The women and kids, pregnant women and those having just delivered find the problem very irritating. Itching and scratching may be disturbing for them.

The treatment is through common perseverance and medicines. The affected person should have their own serviette. Towels, soap, undergarments should not be shared. Daily baths are necessary.

Antihistamines are great medicines that reduce the effects to a great extent. The suffering person may also use continual eye drops to relieve the eye.

Filters and cotton handkerchiefs are also great problem removers.