Many of the people having sexual problems are not physically defective. In other words, the problem is in their mind rather than the body. It happens often that all the sexual organs of the person in question are functioning properly, yet the person is unable to have sex with his or her mate.

This happens mostly due to lack of confidence or a complexion. The complex may be due to any reason but the major contribution to such factors is improper treatment of the person in his or her early years. Among other problems are problems attached with some physical abuse such as a rape or childhood sexual abuse.

For years, physicians use the cognitive method to help the person have proper sex. This involves tuning the sub conscious mind so that it repels the thoughts that keep a person away from sex. The person is taken into a state of trance and is made to understand and recover from the past experiences. Apart from this, chemical treatments such as sex boosters also help. Recently, several communities started counseling sessions for couples, where they talk about their problems so as to remove the complex they have regarding sex.