The fashion conscious youth, especially the girl brigade, are following a trend. Some of the celebrities undergo several regimens to attain zero figure. Seeing these trend setters, the girls feel tempted. But there is a problem. They do not the way to get there.

In effect, they start pursuing thinness as a mission. They stop eating to the extent that the bones get too soft to carry the body weight. The frenzy leads to nausea, headache and Anorexia Nervosa. These sufferers need fast and direct treatment. Yes, the hospitals are the ultimate destination. But there are ways too.

Holistic treatment is a great way. The patient needs love and great care. Calorific juices are great and so are the strong fruits like grapes and pomegranates. They need to know that not everybody needs to and ma attain the zero figure and still remain fit. It is a risky territory and the risks need to be cleared to them.