Bee stings can be poisonous and very painful. Even if the bee is not poisonous, it can create toxicity in the body due to sting infection. Well! Bee stings can be prevented and treated effectively.

Attire yourself in light colors and do not use too many odors in the body. Do not go near dirty places with food trash. These can result in lesser attraction from the bees. Moreover, always steer clear of banana skins and products scented by banana.

This was about prevention. For the cure, just remember to take the stinger or the proboscis away as soon as possible. Also make sure that you treat it in an alkaline medium and water soon after the sting.

Baking sodas and vinegar for bees and wasps are an excellent medium for treating stings. You can also use toothpaste for the purpose.

If it be a bee sting, fear not anymore.