Fifty years ago heart attacks were eventually unknown in Asia-but common in Western countries. Then something bad happened! Western lifestyle and Western food “hopped” the Pacific. Gradually, Asians in all countries of the Orient-Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hongkong, you name it-began experiencing “Western” heart attacks, so that today there is virtually an epidemic of coronary heart disease throughout the Far East.

But there’s good news about this disease, too! The arterioscleroses (hardening of the arteries) which brings on heart attacks is slowly reversible! You see, arterioscleroses is caused by eating too rich a diet, especially animal products high in cholesterol (i.e. meat, dairy products, eggs, cheese, etc.)and all kinds of fried foods.

The good news is that you can escape this problem by going back to the simpler diets which formerly kept Asians from having this disease. Also, foods made possible by advanced food technology, increased agricultural knowledge, and improved transportation of a wider variety of fruits and vegetables. There’s also good news about exercise.

Our modern, fast pace often leaves little time for exercise. Most of us are not working long hours exercising in the fields as our ancestors did. Walking is the very best exercise to keep your body in good health

Health Secrets

Now, you’re probably wondering: What are the eight secrets of good health? Two have already been mentioned: proper diet and exercise. The remaining six secrets may sound unbelievably simple, but they make good sense, and they really work! Just keep reading and you’ll find how a whole new lifestyle healthful lifestyle can be yours.