The weight loss is the subject of great inspiration for many. Countless spas have opened up to use this fetish. And many dieticians are minting money because of this. But one feels that the best way to keep the body slim, and without any side effects is the natural way of course.

There are food and drinks, especially tea that helps in weight loss acutely. The antioxidants present flush out the toxins and the metabolism boosts. The fat burns and results in a slim effect. The flab on the waist and stomach sheds considerably because of tea.

The teas that help majorly in acquiring weight loss are:

Hoodia Gordonii – It is the leader and is heavily supplemented with antioxidants. The weight is taken care of.

Green Tea – With the Silvestre and Cambogia extracts, this tea is doing great business. It is a prominent part of most Acai products.

Wu-Yi Tea, Oolong Tea and Detox Tea complete the quintet.