The rich oil and highly spicy food do not affect a person in a dy. But slowly, as age catches up, the fat deposition acts as catalysts for diseases. Gout is one such problem.

A high amount of uric acid in few of the foods escapes kidney. It mixes in the blood and because of the density difference, solidify. They take up important points like the joints.

These joints as a result feel acute pain and the person finds it hard to walk and do small things.

The relief from gout may be brought by the following:

One should stop eating red meat, fish, chicken and any food that has oil ingrained in it.

Alcohol is a strict no-no. Yes, it should anyway be avoided, but in gout case, especially so.

The application of pine and eucalyptus oil on the affected area is of enormous help. One feels very relieved post massage of the paining areas.