Cholesterol related health issues are very common these days. Middle aged people are falling prey to this deadly disease more and more each day.

Mostly obese people are affected. But that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t be careful even if he or she isn’t overweight or obese. Antioxidants are the best for you if you want to fight cholesterol.

High Cholesterol

Antioxidants are also helpful in alleviating cancer.

All fruits act as good sources of antioxidants. Have colorful vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, oranges, carrots, brinjals, and all green leafy vegetables are good for you.

Avoid food which contains homocystine.

This is a protein which leads to cholesterol buildup. Say no to coffee and have aerated drinks sparingly.

Avoid it altogether if possible.

Not all fats are bad. Secondary and trans fat should be avoided.

Instead turn to healthy fat like fish oils, avocado oils and canola oils. Also a cup of green tea twice a day will keep diseases at bay. Remember to be happy. Stress is a major factor for cholesterol buildup.