In the past twenty to twenty-five years people have become increasingly aware of the value of regular exercise for adults as well as for children and teenagers. Thirty years ago the vast majority of men and women stopped exercising when they stopped going to school. All too often they associated exercise mandatory school requirements, not with physical or mental well-being. Recently there has been a great change in many adult’s exercise habits and consciousness. This now includes vacations packages for the individual and even for families. Such example are Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations. Currently it is estimated that 72 percent of adults engage in regular exercise, and of these, 10 percent have taken vacation packages. Even golf ones!

Doctors, too, have come to see the importance of exercise. Over the last decade or so many broad-based studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of coronary-artery disease. Paffenbarger, a respected exercise researcher in Stanford, found that Harvard graduates who did some form of weekly exercise had a 64 percent lowest chance of heart attack and a lower incidence of hypertension than did graduates who got no exercise.

A dramatic study in Sweden showed that that heart attacks were much more likely to be associated with people in poor physical shape who had lower work capacities, higher breathing rates, and lower ability of the heart to rise to meet exercise needs. All these are offered by Golf Myrtle Beach. The health benefits offered by these exercise are noteworthy.

Although lowering the risk of heart disease is the reason most adults take up regular exercise, there are other reasons that cause them to continue it. Most people find that they feel much better physically. Equally important, they find they feel much more better mentally. Several studies have shown that regular exercise improves a person’s outlook and actually helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Finally, by toning the muscles, regular exercise tends to prevent weight gain and keeps a person looking trim and fit. This last reason may involve an element of vanity, but it’s a great motivator for adults of all ages. More of a reason to avail of packages such as those by Myrtle Beach Golf Packages.