We all know that a great way to keep your body healthy is to prevent the sensation of hunger. Hunger is a sign that your body is lacking on nutrition. Dieticians and nutritionists agree that snacks in between main meals are essential for a healthy diet. They prevent the sensation of hunger and make sure that you eat just a smaller serving of your lunch or dinner. Of course, there is also the question on which foods are best for which time. Here are some of the best options for your snacking.

snack time

Midday snack

For a midday snack, you want something that is flavorful yet light. The best option? Yogurt. Plain yogurt is nice but you can also choose flavor infused ones like green tea. Add some cashews and almonds and you have yourself a healthy snack that will keep you satiated till lunch time. It is nice to have some fruits for your snacks. If you want, munch on a mozzarella stick or two and this is enough to keep your appetite in check but still not lose your appetite for lunch.

Afternoon Snack

For late afternoons, the snack should not be too heavy but it should be enough to make you feel full till dinner arrives. How about having some melon balls and prosciutto? The sweet and moist melon will counteract the saltiness of the bacon and it is a refreshing snack to have. You can also have a light salad. Keep it very basic. This is a good transition for dinner and we all know that dinner will be a bit heavier. If you keep it light, you will not feel too full and sleepy before the nice roasted steak for dinner is served. You do not want to miss out on a steak night.

Midnight Snack

Some say that fruits are OK for dinner, but others do not agree. Remember, fruit is digested out of our stomachs for a good 20 to 30 minutes and if you eat fruit, it will sit on top of your dinner that is still digesting. Carbohydrates and proteins do not get digested till 4 hours. If you eat fruit, you will feel bloated and this could increase the chances of weight gain. The best option would be veggie sticks. Carrots, celery and other veggies are nice since they will not make you feel bloated and you will feel full without the bad feeling.