When the thyroid gland produces the hormones in a lesser amount than the normal it leads to hypothyroidism. If the production of hormones lowers you begin get some physical symptoms. You have to gain some weight and feel lack of energy. This is due to the slowed down rate of metabolism.

Menstrual abnormalities in women is another problem created by this low hormone production. In many cases the symptoms are misinterpreted.

Pain in muscles and joints, weight gain, sensitivity to cold etc are the very evident symptoms of it. Constipation is also seen in these kinds of patients.
Dry hair and skin, fogginess, memory problems, puffiness, thinning of eyebrows, brittle nails etc also can occur due to the disease. These symptoms are seen at the later stages when hypothyroidism progresses. A doctor can test the hormone levels using a blood test.

A thyroid medication is used to maintain the hormone levels to treat this condition.