summer skin care tipsSkin discoloration is a problem which is faced by many people which makes them look much aged than their age and makes their skin lifeless and dull in nature. Few basic simple tips that can help you avoid discoloration are exfoliating your skin, scrubbing, cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin… all these steps are very easy to do and the best part is these are very reasonable. Exfoliating helps the moisturizer which we apply to go deep into our skin and nourish it.

You can use a scrub made by natural products every alternate day, so that your pores are cleared and opened. After that cleansing your face and body with an oil free face wash and shower gel will make your skin clean and supple. Toning helps to tone up your skin and help it from getting wrinkled at an early age and last but not the least you can moisturize your skin with a light oil free moisturizer that will make it soft and give you an younger looking image.