Prevent skin cancer, skin care tipsSkin cancer is something which can usually occur due to harmful effects of the sun. The Ultraviolet Rays from the sun cause more damage t our skins than we might know. Ne should be aware of the ways how skin cancer is formed. People who have to travel and face the sun daily for long periods of time should use medicated sunscreens. The UV rays fall directly n the skin and long term exposure can cause cancer.

Use of acetone (nail polish and nail polish removers) should also be kept to the bare minimum. No matter how much we try, some amount of the remover touches the skin and if this is done regularly, you can get cancer. Tanning beds should be avoided altogether. It has been seen that the skin gets damaged faster even if one visits a tanning salon once in 2 to 3 months. All theses steps should be followed if you want to keep your skin cancer free.