Some young people don’t need to decide whether to drink. They already know they don’t want to try alcohol because of one or more of the following reasons:

1. A family member or friend has a problem with alcohol. Perhaps someone they know has lost their license to drive a car because of alcohol. Maybe they lost their job from drinking. Maybe they hurt someone. Teenagers who knows someone like this don’t want to have the same troubles so they have decided not to drink.

2. They don’t like the taste of alcohol. Most people don’t like alcohol at first. Many people trust this first reaction of their bodies and don’ need to force themselves or convince themselves that they like it.

3. Their friends think drinking is dangerous. Perhaps they have seen an automobile accident that was caused by drunk driver. They may have been in one. They will not ride in a car with a driver who has been drinking.

4. They don’t like the way people act when they’ve had too much to drink. Some young people come from homes where adults have a problem with alcohol. Perhaps holidays are no fun because of too much drinking. Some drunk parents abuse their children and each other.

5. Their parents do not drink and have asked them not to drink and they do not want get into trouble with parents, teachers or the police. They respect the rules at home, school or public places.

6. There is no easy way for them to get alcohol.