No matter what anyone tells you, losing weight without going on a starvation diet is possible. Making easy, small and effective changes to one’s lifestyle can make one lose weight easily. Below are easy ways to lose weight.

  • Reading all food labels: To really lose weight, reading food labels is important.  You cannot count calories if you don’t do this. Browse the internet and learn how to find out the serving size and calorie content of a particular food. Make healthier choices in food and beverages using this technique.
  • Smart snacking: To prevent eating too much, eat small snacks every 3 hours. This will actually help you lose weight because when you eat frequently, you don’t feel hungry and end up controlling your portion sizes a lot. Eat healthy snacks like some fruits or a little cheddar cheese. Ensure that what you are eating is satisfying and healthy.
  • Get fiber in your diet: Fruits, vegetables and whole grains have a lot of fiber and nutrients in them. They keep you fuller longer and are lower in calories as well. This will help you to eat smaller portions and eventually lose weight.
  • Don’t skip meals: Skipping means is considered by a lot of people to be great for losing weight, but the truth is hardly that. Skipping a meal will only make you feel hungrier for the next meal and you will end up over- eating. Moreover, more people binge- eat after a skipped meal. You don’t want to starve yourself, you want to lose weight.
  • Water: Drinking lots of water is one of the very easy ways to lose weight. It alleviates bloating and makes digestion faster and easier. Replace fizzy drinks and colas as much as you can with plain or chilled water. Also, sometimes thirst masquerades as hunger. So drink a glass of water before each meal as that will prevent you from over- eating.
  • Exercise: You have to get moving to lose weight. Ride a bike, swim or go brisk walking: you have to ensure that you exercise most days of the week. Start from 10 minutes and try going up to about 30 minutes or an hour of daily exercise. Your metabolism will get boosted and you will end up losing weight.
  • Control your portion sizes: You have to measure the food you are taking. How much do you eat everyday? You are probably eating larger portion sizes that you need. You may even find out that you actually eat double or even triple the amount of normal portion sizes. Start reducing your portions and your body will respond by losing weight.
  • Maintain a food diary: This is one of the easy ways to lose weight. Write down when you ate, how much you ate and what you ate religiously for all your meals. You can also do this online if you want. It will help you understand your eating pattern and how you can be better at losing weight.