There is need to ensure that all kids eat smart. While they are liable to lean more on sweet and unhealthy foods, parents and guardians can ensure that they eat and snack healthy. They can ensure this end is met through designing a diet plan and ensuring that they adhere to it. If need be, you should consult with your doctor and find out what foods are most ideal. For instance, you should include vitamins and minerals and these are foods such as eggs, dried fruits, whole grains, vegetables, yogurt, cheese and milk. Other essentials include proteins which have a range of foods such as dairy products, poultry, nuts and peanut butter among others.

In addition to these, they should also be given foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as whole wheat pasta, fruits, brown rice and whole grain bread. Also, you should ensure that they drink up a lot of liquid though they should not be sugary. The most ideal would be water, up to eight or more glasses in a day.