The topic of whether the obese should be allowed to undergo a coronary artery bypass surgery has a long-standing debate. The debate has not reached any conclusion and is still ongoing. Most of the doctors deny the coronary artery bypass surgery if the person is obese. Many of the insurance companies too do not cover the coronary artery bypass surgery for people who bought the insurance after being declared obese.

But as the doctors take the oath of hypocrisy and impartiality, it is their duty to allow obese undergo the coronary artery bypass surgery if it is necessary. The profession of doctors is to save a life and hence it is not recommended that any rule should be passed saying obese should be denied such a surgery.

There may be exemptions though. As an obese person is at a higher risk of heart related diseases and the coronary artery bypass surgery can save him, they should be allowed. This should of course be pursued only after the physicians make sure that there are less chances of surgery failure. The causes for the failure can be high blood pressure or a high sugar level. It is only after making sure that the obese person is fit to undergo the surgery; he or she may be operated upon.