According to a recent survey, there is no secure level of exposure to second hand smoke, which on average, its effects on children is more severe than the adults.

Asthma attacks perhaps are the most well known health effect of the second hand smoking exposure among kids. The second hand exposure raises the frequency of the episodes along with the seriousness o the symptoms in the asthmatic plus normal children. Exposure to this form of smoke is relevant to increased asthma severity along with worsened lung function in the kids with asthma.

Additionally, the maternal prenatal smoke greatly contributes in the develop0ment f the antisocial behavior along with attention deficit hyperactive syndromes in the offspring of the mother.

Also, second hand smoke is one of the most familiar causes of low birth mass that contributes to baby mortality and health complications in the adulthood. Exposure to second hand smoke decreases the bright weight of the babies of the non smoking mothers.