Years of overindulgence often put an indelible stain on our teeth. These cannot vanish however hard we might rinse them. Often this also creates a lot of fissures, gum bleeding and other problems of the submandibular gland, jaw line and teeth. This is where dental implants come into the picture.

A dental inlay, an implant, crowning or dental bridging can be a formidable way of giving re-birth to the teeth. It can tackle the fissure quite well and also let you hold your dental beauty again. In a way, they strengthen the tooth set again.

Having said this, there are certain risks as well. First of all, make sure that the thrermo-tray that you use during the dental inlay does not create any allergy in you. This caution is also relevant for the ceramic or porcelain inlay.

Also, make sure that the tooth that you get yourself is compatible with your teeth structure and does not create any kind of infection in you.