Flatulence can be quite disturbing. This has a simple reason. Flatulence, gas and bloating are feelings of gastric discomfort which makes you feel heavy. They keep a tight abdomen and a bellowing thorax. The feeling of carrying a lot of wind inside the body is quite disgusting. This is why a certain diet structure is prescribed for flatulence sufferers.

For minimizing flatulence, you should eat fibrous foods with nutritious balance. It can comprise of green leaves, and a lot of fresh unprocessed fruits. On top of this, your food should also combine yoghurt and salads in thick measure. These create regular bowel syndromes thereby easing the pressure of undigested meals on colon.

You can also try various colon cleansers for checking flatulence. These include cayenne paper, senna, camellia, ginger rhizomes and garlic bulbs. The idea is to eat those herbs which cause fast toxin flush-out from the body.