Science brought us great many spectacles; a spectacle (glasses) is just one of them. Further advancement of science has brought us to the world of contact lenses and now we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to variety and quality of such lenses. Many premium companies are bestowing us with high-quality lenses that add to further freshness of our vision while keeping the essential germ index at a minimum gradient.

We all know how a contact lens adjusted on the cornea of the eye can bring in therapeutic as well as cosmetic betterment to this all important part. Bausch & Lomb shall be thanked for bringing us a delightful array of therapeutic and cosmetic solution to us. As is the general norm, the lenses are literally invisible and absolutely featherweight. Apart from this quintessential attribute, it is also blessed with many other virtues which are rather rare. For instance, Renu Fresh uses a proprietary ingredient called Hydranate. This solution allows the lenses to get rid of any protein deposit accumulated on the lens surface. The process is extremely common- all it needs is soaking the lenses overnight- and there you go.

As an aside, it also cleanses the lens of any other impurity that may have sediment overnight. The solution is poignant in healing the lens of any germ. Renu Fresh’s avant garde contact solution allows the lens to retain moisture at the surface thereby providing a clinically fresh feeling for the whole day. Such rejuvenation has to be felt to be believed and it won’t be long before people start chanting the Renu mantra, the way it is letting people prosper in terms of vision health.

While it is not recommended by Renu fresh contact care to rub the lenses prior to rinsing, such recommendation might be altered in the light of one’s tear chemistry or physician advice. Further, it is believed that regular rubbing enhances the effect of cleansing and palliates any corrosion of the eye surface or irritation that might have occurred anywhere in the eye. An eye care professional supplemented with Renu fresh lens solutions can weave the right dose of magic. It is advised to keep the lenses away from water to the maximum extent possible.

The site, is well crafted and is also very user friendly. Apart from dealing in quintessential information, it also provides perks to get initiated with the Renu Fresh idea. So it’s no more about curing the spherical and cylindrical aberration only, it is also about the equally imperative maintenance of eye safety.

Bausch & Lomb has done phenomenal things in the vision health industry till date and Renu fresh is another idea gallant enough to command respect. Hydranate seems to be the magic word. It does not require the services of separate enzyme cleaner at all. Here is wishing that the proprietary formula gets its deserved attention.

The contact care solution has feasibly passed all tests of safety and abides to the quality parameters proposed by the best in the business. Here is wishing Renu Fresh all the success.