If you or your child has recurrent fever, it is advisable that you seek medical advice from your doctor. Most of the medications that are used to cure a recurrent fever are prescribed by the doctor although there are some few which can be bought over the counter. One of the medications that used to cure a recurrent fever is known as Combiflam which is composed of acetaminophen and ibuprofen and is commonly used to control fever and to relieve pain.

The brand name for cephalosporin is zifi 200 and is commonly used as an antibiotic to cure pharyngitis, typhoid and respiratory tract infections. Recurrent fever is caused by so many factors including typhoid fever, toxoplasmosis, malaria, malignancy, tuberculosis, osteomylitis or occult abscess and cytomegalovirus infection. Before seeking medication it is best to confirm first the cause of the fever because this will be used to cure it.