Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that affects the gums. It is caused by several factors such as diabetes, grinding or clenching of teeth, medications, poor nutrition, and heart disease among others. Diabetes is a condition that causes the alteration of the blood sugar levels in the blood and it develops due to the body’s inability to use insulin appropriately or when there is a deficiency in insulin manufacturing. Diabetic people are at high risk of developing periodontal disease as it can impair the capacity causing diabetes.
Other causes of periodontal gum disease in youth include medications such as anti-depressants, heart medicines and oral contraceptives among others. Taking such medications can affect your oral health and it is important to inform your dental health provider about this.
Clenching or grinding of teeth is another cause of the periodontal gum disease as it can place excess force on the supporting tissues of the teeth and may speed up the rate at which the periodontal tissues are destroyed.