We all have pains, but sometimes, there are pains that are hard to ignore or more accurately, you should not ignore. According to studies, we will experience at least one back pain episode in our lives and is a reason for many people to miss out on work. There are many other pains in life, and though it is bad to be paranoid about all the pains that we feel, take note of some specific kinds of pains that you should never ignore even for a day.

The most incredible headache

One way to diagnose this is that it could be caused by sinus blockage or infection. However, it is also possible that there is brain tumor or hemorrhage. It could also be the sign of brain aneurysm and therefore, it is an ER situation. When you feel it, go to the hospital immediately or ask for an ambulance to take you to the nearest medical facility.

From legs to toes

If you experience calf pain, you might want to have it checked to see if it is Deep Vein Thrombosis which happens on the deep veins of your legs, it may seem manageable but it is actually life threatening. That clot on the vein can cause clotting on the lungs and that could result to fatal situations. Sometimes, it does not have to be painful. If you see swelling on your calf area, please go to the doctor to have yourself checked. If you are feeling burning sensations on your feet, it might be the case of diabetes. This is specifically called peripheral neuropathy which is a form of nerve damage.

It’s all on your mind?

You say you have pains somewhere in your body but the doctor has checked on CT scan, MRI and other high tech diagnostic tools and your body is normal. It is common for someone to “feel” pain in the state of clinical depression. Patients will normally complain about these things. When the pain becomes chronic, it could be due to the increasing advancement of depression that could ultimately affect your quality of life. It needs to be treated as soon as possible since this could permanently affect the structural functionality of the brain.