The importance of women having healthy foods is an issue that can never be overly stressed. While a vast majority of people might choose to ignore this fact, it is undoubtedly proven that women who eat unhealthy foods tend to give birth to deformed children. This can be proven by the fact that expectant mothers who come from poor backgrounds tend to give birth to under weight children and this often leads to a high infant mortality rate.

Studies performed on fifty percent of babies born blind has also proven that lack of proper dieting is the major cause. For instance, one example that proves the relationship between suboptimal maternal diet and abnormal fetus development is cretinism. In addition to this, there can occur long term effects such as mental retardation, lack of growth leading to shortness in height and hypotonia among others. To reverse this, it is imperative that pregnant women observe proper diets since this is the only manner through which they can give birth to healthy babies.