Sinus is the most common reason for people traveling to doctors. It can lead to serious issues if not taken care of in the initial stages. There are various treatments for sinus and most of them are quite effective too. Natural treatment for sinus can help in curing them completely.

Neti pots are one of the most effective home remedies. These keep the dust, pollen and air pollutants at bay and help in keeping a clean passage of the nasal cavity. Use grapefruit in the neti pot. Grapefruit extract added to some warm eater in the neti pot makes a great inhalation drug. It balms the nasal cavity and makes it stronger against all kinds of pollutants.

Essential oils pertaining to pine or eucalyptus can also safeguard you against sinus infections. Well, these are a few of the natural remedies.

Its time to pay heed to sinusitis