Acid reflux has a scientific name ‘reflux esophagitis’ and acts with scientific precision too. There are people who are either not very fond of eating, or do not get enough time to eat. There are those too who replace their food habits with a healthy dose of beverages:

Tea or coffee.

These people suffer from ulcers in the body. The stomach, not having enough digestive work, finds the acids too much to handle. It starts regurgitating on the residing food. Acid reflux happens as a result. It is sometimes so sharp that there is an imitation of heart attack. No wonder that it is also called heartburn.

The medicinal treatments may have great side effects, as digestion is a sensitive issue. The best way is natural. The suffering person should ideally have 2 and a half times more water than what he normally has every day. Water has a therapeutic effect on ulcer.

Garlic is also a natural wonder drug for acid reflux. It should be had every day till one recovers.