The people who suffer from migraine pains will only understand what it is. They see bright spots and zigzag lines, or absolute loss of sight for a minute. And these people understand that they are going to suffer one more bout of heavy migraine pain.

The one side of the head feels as if it is regularly hammered. The person is comfortable only when he sleeps without any worry. Also the lesser the lights, the best he feels. Pitch darkness is best.

The medicines are in lots. But feverfew has monopolized the market due to its acute effect. Magnesium medicines and pills too are very efficient in this regard.

The holistic approach is also considered by the migraine sufferer.

The massage of pine and marjoram oils is great. It relieves the person in a wholesome way. Acupressure also is a strong remedy. A skull cap that uses force on the migraine points is a very handy tool.