Women are not the only ones faced with the effects of changing hormones as doctors are noticing that their male patients are also reporting some of the symptoms that are similar to those reported by women when the experience menopause and perimenopause. Doctors refer to this condition as androgen decline in the male as men do not go through a well-defined period that is known as menopause.

Some people refer to it as low testosterone as men experience the reduction of testosterone as age advances but it may also occur if one has some diseases such as diabetes. Apart with the decline in the levels of testosterone, some men also experience other symptoms such as depression, weakness, and sexual related problems.
Testosterone decline in men is a slow process unlike in the case of menopause in women when the production of hormones stops completely. The testes do not run out of the substances that are needed to make testosterone like with the case of ovaries that run short of it.