Iron is an important mineral required by the human body in small but significant quantities. Deficiency of iron can be disastrous, sometimes fatal. The most common effect of iron deficiency results in physical illness, even anemia. So, most doctors and physicians recommend proper intake of foods rich in iron, in order to maintain a healthy body. Iron-rich foods include vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, spinach, watercress, soybeans, and parsley. These are, in fact, readily available in the market.

Besides these, certain non-vegetable items also possess huge quantities of Home Iron, including chicken, pork, liver, shrimp, beef, clams, various types of fishes, oysters and egg yolks. Infants, on the other hand, can replenish their iron deficiency from breast milk and baby cereals, which are essential nutrient containing food materials for toddlers. Teenagers also need to be supplied with proper quantity of iron through their diets, which can consist of grits, pasta and raisin bran cereals.