Potassium is the important mineral salt that our body needs the most. Do you have any idea how potassium controls our nervous system, kidney, muscles, heart, fluid balances? It actually maintains a balance between human cells and interstitial fluid.

If you consume food with high potassium content, you will be able to maintain safe distance from hypertension and even heart attack also. Sports persons find potassium to be the most beneficiary one. Deficiency of potassium in regular food causes puking sensation, hypokalemia, ECG abnormalities, muscle weaknesses, respiratory paralysis, cardiac arrhythmia and most commonly diarrhea. In order to maintain good health, you should take in nearly 4000mg potassium per day.

Potassium also helps to reduce high blood pressure. If you consume more fruits and vegetables having high potassium mineral such as tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, avocados, dried mixed fruits etc, eventually your blood pressure will be under control. So start eating food having high potassium value to stay healthier.