What is breakfast?

Sometimes, it is the simplest explanations where you can get the greatest meaning and understanding. Whenever teaching the kids proper diet and meals, we should never forget breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day after all. How come it is that important? Let us dissect the word in order to understand. The word breakfast is a compound word made up of “break” and “fast.” While we were sleeping a few moments before, the body was in a state of fasting. While fasting, our metabolism is still running and we also have involuntary body activities like breathing, heartbeat, and others. Each process will rely on energy stored in the body. Breakfast. Breaks this fasting state by waking up our metabolism and giving the body enough energy that can last us several hours.

If I skipped eating breakfast?

There are a number of negative effects attributed to the lack of nourishment in the morning. You will feel grumpy, tired, sleepy and irritable for the day. You will also be hungry and this can lead to overeating in one of the main meals of the day, either lunch or dinner. It will also affect your diet especially if you wish to lose belly fat. Breakfast is like the alarm of your body to run in normal waking condition. It fires up the body and gives you a boost of energy. If there is any other purpose for breakfast, it would be to boost the body and keep it active throughout the day.

Situations when Breakfast is skipped.

Many of us be it working adults or students skip on this important meal since they messed up their body clock by waking up late. People identify their schedules more based on social conditions rather than their nutritional and health requirements. Another thing is that they do not feel hungry. The feeling of hunger should be avoided as that means you did not nourish yourself properly and on time. The body still needs the energy for a latter time so it would best to start with a proper meal. Another reason is that they cannot be bothered to prepare a meal or they do not allocate a budget to have a decent toast, jam and fruit.

How do you address these issues?

You have to make time for breakfast. Make it a habit to wake up at least 15-30 minutes earlier to do necessary morning rituals from shower to setting up your meal for the morning. If you wish, get some healthy snacks like oatmeal based products and granola bars that you can place in your office table or locker. Munch on those. There are also instant cereal drinks filled with good carbs and fiber. Have some fruits ready since they are the easiest foods to have in the morning. You should invest a little for a good breakfast since if you mess up your diet, your nourishment can be affected, making it hard for you to have a decent diet. It could affect you to lost belly fat.

What is an ideal breakfast?

An ideal breakfast will be low in sugar and very nourishing and this involves plenty of vitamins, minerals and good fiber. Protein should also be present. Normally, you will want some fruit included in your meal, whole grain bread; some naturally made jams, and a nice serving of meat.  If you are someone who has a health condition, vitamin supplements might be necessary to supply enough vitamins for the day.