Birth is a natural process, which women and babies have evolved over millions of years. Both mother and baby are eminently suited to play out their parts in the process of fertilization, conception, gestation, labor and delivery. If a mother were asked to “design” a baby, “grow” it, and bring it forth from her body, she could not do it. Yet her body has the wisdom to do just that in a manner that never ceases to be miraculous. So an expectant mother’s learning doesn’t have to do with how to grow a baby but with helping her body needs do what is instinctively knows how to do without getting in it’s way. Also important is making sure that the baby needs and baby care is ready for the expectant mother.

Basically there are two major ways in which expectant mothers hinder their own bodies: one physical, the other mental. In terms if the mother’s physical environment, her diet program, exercise materials, exposure to chemicals, and general health are all important variables. Doctors are beginning to learn that certain things in these categories will help the mother’s body work at it’s best, while others may impede it. For example, a baby is much more likely to be healthy if its mother has an optimal diet than if her pregnancy diet plan is deficient in calories or protein.

In terms of the mother’s mental environment, her experiences, and her perceptions of them are the important variables. The less fear, stress, and anxiety the mother experiences, and more of personal care, the less complicated her pregnancy and delivery are likely to be. Blood flow to the uterus, which controls the delivery of nutritious food and oxygen and the removal of waste products, is governed by the autonomic nervous system, the unconscious branch of the nervous system.

When a mother can relax and visualize positive images, blood flow to the uterus is maximized; together with bath and body care, her body tends to nurture and provide baby care in an optimum way during pregnancy and to promote the most effective contractions during labor and delivery. A relaxed, reassured mother who is knowledgeable and feels loved and supported is able to keep out of her body’s way by releasing tension and fear and by allowing her body to take over with the inborn skills it has evolved over the centuries. When a woman lets go of fear and tension, she is free to work at her best with health and beauty at the same time during both conception and delivery.