Food is a necessary facet of life. It affects different people differently. Some like to eat more; some are very happy with food that keeps them alive. And some do binge eating.

This is a disorder in which people eat to suppress emotions. One may be very sad, frustrated or just playing a prank. And chances are that he will feel like eating more and more to keep the emotions in control.

Food is readily available and so the disorder becomes a habit. Obviously, the stomach suffers as a result. It has, thus, got to be cured.

Eating small amount of food at regular intervals is a good way. Once in about three hours is good. Better if taken with cup of tea for laboring people!

Food rich in roughage also helps. It has the natural tendency to lessen the food intake. The roughage digests food and so can be taken only to a limit.

Binge eating may just be stopped this way.