Asthma is a non curable disease but there are various means to prevent the frequency and intensity of the attacks. An asthma patient must have full knowledge about the disease and means of controlling it. Asthma does not mean keeping away from exercises but one should in fact engage in regular physical activity to stay healthy.

Follow some simple rules and you can conquer asthma. Stay away from cigarette smoke and fireplaces. Do not get tempted by eggs, nuts, milk and sea food. Do not use aspirin and drink coffee. Try and maximize your magnesium intake, because it relaxes the muscle. Include Vitamin B6 in your diet. A grandmother’s remedy would be to make the patient smell honey or drink lemon juice during meals. But doing all these does not mean escaping from medicines.

Go for check ups and consult your doctor regularly. Lead a systematic life to be free from asthma attacks.