Tips to maintain skin, skin careSkin is the vital part of our body. Skin is the outer reflection of our inner health. A healthy disciplined lifestyle is quite essential to maintain a beautiful skin. You need to pamper your skin and what else can be better than pampering them with natural ingredients which do not have any side effects. Dead Sea salt is considered as an excellent natural ingredient to pamper your skin with.

It is a solution to many skin problems like dermatitis, acne and dandruff. Mashed fruits like banana, oranges and water melon can work wonders for your skin if applied regularly. Tomato and coconut water acts as tan removal ingredient. It also lightens your skin complexion. You can even use natural products like wheat grain powder to clean your face instead of using the chemical beauty products. Natural way is the best way to retain the glow of your skin for a longer time with no probable side effects.