How to make a sugar scrub for your feet
The process of making sugar scrubs for your feet has become very simple and can be done easily at home.
There are few basic steps that you need to follow in order to make one.

You need to add ΒΌ cup sugar into a bowl and add almond oil of the same amount and stir them well.
Gel capsules can also be added of that of Vitamin E.
Add a few drops of your favorite oil.
After stirring you can pour the entire mixture into a jar or plastic container.

Now you can use the scrub by placing a very small amount in your palm and scrub it over your foot.
Now get your feet rinsed off in the tub thereby removing the excess oil.
There are certain warning tips that you might need to know while using a sugar scrub.

The oil that is present in the scrub can make your floor of the tub or the floor of the bathroom very slippery.
Therefore additional care should be taken in order to prevent accidents.