How to lose belly fat is the quintessential weight loss question that everybody is asking. However, before zapping those fats away, having a solid understanding of this so called belly fat is necessary. The stomach fat has 2 layers. There is a layer of fat just under the skin layer and there is also a layer deeper into the body called the visceral fats. The last type, (visceral) is the most difficult kind of fat to remove. It takes a multi faceted approach in order to target the visceral fats, remove it from your body and keep it away for good. This article puts focus on how you can do this process safely and effectively.


  • To lose some fat, adjust your meals into smaller portions but frequent. A traditional 3 meal combo of breakfast, lunch and dinner can be adjusted to smaller portions with the addition of 2 snacks in between. This will help you feel satiated throughout your waking day.
  • Eat proper foods and balanced meals. As much as possible, go for healthy and unprocessed foods. Take in a good portion of protein and minimize the use of carbohydrates. Eat fruits and vegetables as well as natural products like olive oil, seeds and nuts for some healthy oils.
  • Hydration is a key aspect to lose belly fat. Water will help you in washing down the toxins in your body and it will also help in keeping your tummy full. Drink around 8-10 glasses of water. Skip sodas for a while. If you want, take some good doses of tea which is also nice for the body.
  • In order to lose belly fat, you have to have proper exercise, some cardio and aerobic training and tons of motivation. Keep yourself surrounded by people who believe in your cause and keep your eyes to the price, a stunning body that is full of vitality.