moisturized skin carePeople love to pamper themselves and baby soft skin makes you feel like a baby again, you feel young and beautiful. There are few very easy steps that will keep your skin well maintained and soft and supple. First step involves cleaning your body and face twice each day with a light oil free face wash and shower gel which can be of natural ingredients… ohhh, and don’t forget a sponge or a loofah which actually helps in blood circulation of your body.

Exfoliating your skin once each week or once every alternate day is a very good advice if you want to get rid of dead cells, oil and dirt and it opens your skin pores and helps you to clean them better when you take a bath. Pat dry yourself and then stay in the bathroom and apply the body lotion or body cream as at that point of time the pores of your body are still open so the moisturizer can go deep inside.